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We’re friends with Joey Avila and fans of his music. We assisted him with developing an online presence to expand his DJ/Producer career.

Pain Points
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For many years Joey Avila has been an established DJ and Producer in the house music scene. His followers however had hit a plateau because he lacked a centralized online presence that shared all his body of work. With his eyes set on expanding his career, he got in touch with us.


We researched what Joey Avila’s fanbase needed to grow and make a meaningful connection:

  • A centralized online presence in the form of a website.
  • Brand identity that aligns with his music.
  • Linked tracks, mixes, videos and live event info.
  • Fast loading and easy navigation.
  • Capture individuals information during promotions to create a database.
  • Affordable month to month retainer to update the websites backend, and links.

One idea we urged Joey Avila to pursue was to live stream on multiple platforms to expand his viewership and fanbase growth.

While in Miami for the Winter Music Conference 2019, he was complimented by fans, fellow DJ’s and industry leaders on the way his brand identity and website looked. Not to mention how easy it was for them to navigate to the areas they were interested in. This resulted in a surge of traffic to his website that lead his audience to find and purchase his tracks.

Launch Website
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