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Angel Velazquez - President

Why we do what we do?

For years, I found it rewarding working for myself than being at a mundane job. Because nothing got me more ecstatic than a client sharing their success story with me and others on how we made such a great impact to help them reach their goals. It’s that core value that’s inscribed into Digital Work Media to Build Online Presence for businesses.

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We strive to create one of a kind experience that propels our clients brand, helps them create a meaningful connection with their audience, which leads to developing an ongoing relationship. It’s this formula that has helped countless businesses thrive and reduce the headache of playing the guessing game to reach their audience.

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Time and money are two commodities you’ll never get back if you try to do things yourself and eventually run your business to the ground. Having the right team as a partner is essential to building your business brand and Digital Work Media strives to make an impact on your audience. Contact us if you’re serious about succeeding.


Articulating a business brand is a science that involves the right formula that helps discovers areas for improvement and opportunities for growth. These are the main parts we focus on:


What are the key elements missing in order to interpret a meaningful brand, message, and design to your audience? We get to the bottom of this by analyzing your target audience and what needs to be communicated to gain their attention. We’ll also find the missing pieces that have been overlooked and utilize them to help reach more clients.



Next, we’ll formulate a strategy that strengthens your business brand to connect with a targeted audience that evolves into a meaningful connection. In addition we’ll find new ways to attract your ideal target audience.



Lastly, we’ll bring all the parts together and put those actions to work. This will establish a more clear vision of your brand values and messaging to your audience, which would increase leads and revenue.


Rapport is created through a well-thought-out message that will gain ideal clients and sustain you business throughout time.


Our cohort of experts are always striving to deliver results by crafting innovating ideas from endless discovery, to propel your brands message across its audience.

Brand Identity

We construct your brands foundation that will help deliver a clear message that resonates and connects with your ideal clients.

Web Deveopment

Standing out online can be difficult. We help navigate your leads to the right direction to connect with your business.

Content Production

Capture your audiences attention with innovating content that combines your brands message and visual designs.

App Concept

We take your static app designs and convert them into fully functioning demos that will make an impact with your audience.

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"From beginning to end, working with Digital Work Media was highly professional and uncomplicated experience. They did a perfect job aligning my Online Presence with my brand while also coming up with extra ideas for me to multicast live streams. I'll be recommending them to my colleagues."

- Bailey

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“I’m so glad to work with Digital Work Media to kick start my Online Presence for my dj/producer endeavor. I have received numerous compliments on my website and the ease of navigation. This company definitely works hard to please their clients, and Im looking forward to continue working with them.”

- Joey Avila

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“Working together with Digital Work Media has helped improve our Online Presence to attract leads and convert them to customers.”

- Albin & Gonen


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